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An argument could easily be made that Baron Services is your homes best friend. Do you need help keeping bugs and pests under control? Baron Services. Do you need the peace of mind that comes with a modern home security system. Baron Services. Keeping the swimming pool clean and operating efficiently can be a time consuming challenge, unless you have Baron Services to assist. Landscaping and sprinkler systems, no problem. Baron Services can handle these needs as well.

Let’s start with a discussion about home security. Making the rounds to ensure doors are locked and windows are closed, and relying on the family dog just isn’t enough. Modern home security systems are are the best way to protect the home (and dog) from fire or burglary. Even though Baron Services offers free estimates, you can be better informed and ask the right questions.

Let’s start with the basics. A home security system is a network of linked components devices that all work together to secure your home. A basic system consists of a control panel, sensors for doors and window, an alarm, signs for the year and window, and occasionally motion detectors. The sensor detects a broken window or forced entry the alarm is enabled. If the system is monitored by a service, the authorities will also be alerted to the break-in.

As with most things, technology has dramatically transformed home security. A properly installed system will allow for monitoring or control through apps installed on your smartphone. In fact it is now possible to remotely control and operate devices such as appliances as well as heater and air conditioning from your phone or tablet, wherever you happen to be.

As with landscaping and properly installed sprinkler systems, and a well maintained swimming pool, a modern home security system can be viewed as an investment. Studies by several major real estate companies have noted that when prospective buyers are shown that a home has a properly installed security system, the initial counter offer is closer to the asking price than for homes without a security system. And if you are not planning on selling your home, a security system could conceivably pay for itself through savings on your monthly home insurance premiums. Some insurance companies offer a discount of ten percent or more.

Perhaps the greatest return on investment in a home security is peace of mind. It is peach of mind for you as well as for your family. Even while traveling for business or on vacation there is tremendous peace of mind in knowing that 24-hours per day, seven days per week, someone is watching over your home.

When talking with the professionals at Baron Service, ask about upfront as well as monthly fees. This will enable them to make a system that meets your needs as well as fits your budget. Don’t be fooled by companies that offer rigid systems or that lock you into long term commitment. Home security starts with a call to Baron Services. Likewise with pool maintenance, landscaping and pest control.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America