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There are some adjustments and life style changes to be made if you have relocated to Bullhead City, Arizona or the Colorado Rivery Valley from a place where the landscape consists of corn fields and grassy lawns. One of these is adapting to sixty degree days, in January, and 120 degree days in July.

Another transition is striking a balance between an impractical lawn and weeping willows in front of the dining room window and a home sitting in the midst of barren sand, rocks and cacti. With assistance from the professionals at Baron Services that have been providing landscpaing service to the Colorado River Valley since 2006, we can transform your new home into a desert oasis. As a bonus we can make it a water frugal oasis.

We begin by crafting a comprehensive customized plan that includes the use of plants, trees, and shrubs suitable for the harsh desert environment. And, of course, to ensure longevity of what we plant, and that your landscpaing requires minimal maintenance, we will also have plan for drip systems, irrigation, and related water delivery systems.

But an oasis should be inviting. And so a comprehensive plan would also include walkways using concrete, stone or pavers. Summer nights in the desert are ideal for entertaining. So, lighting is a must. This is another element of a customized landscape plan.

And what would be the crown jewel of a personalized desert oasis? Why a swimming pool of course! And swimming pool repair, installation and maintenance is another are of expertise at Baron Services.

We are affiliated with San Juan Fiberglass Pools, a company that pioneered the home swimming pool. Since its 1958 founding in Seattle, Washington, San Juan Pools have been an industry leader in the development of new technologies, materials, and custom design.

Baron Services is also a leading builder of Gunite pools in western Arizona. But regardless of type of pool selected, from site preparation and excavation to electric and plumbing, we are a one stop shop.

And as our customers are also our nneighbors, our services extend beyond installation. We offer a comprehensive plan for all aspects of a scheduled swimming pool maintenance program. And we can also ensure that maintenance of your landscaping and irrigation system is trouble free, and is prepared for each new season.

And if your relocation to Arizona was fraught with anxiety about tarantulas, scorpions and other creepy crawlies of the desert, have no fear. Baron Services is the regions leading pest control company. we have decades of experience dealing with Africanized bees, cockroaches, crickets, centipedes and spiders or any pests that you might encounter.

Pest control isn’t the only peace of mind provided by Baron Services. We also offer 24/7 monitoring for home or office to respond to medical emergencies, fires, or burglary. And with our landsscaping an d pool services, we also install security systems customized to meet your needs.

So, let us help you settle in to your new hometown. Give us a call to discuss home security needs, or to transform your new home into an oasis.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America.