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Most every aspect of daily life has changed dramatically over the course of the past two decades. We no longer look for pocket change and a pay phone while on the road. Photos are not turned in at the drugstore for development. And we no longer trust just a lock and key for home security.

Security system panels with comprehsive display are late 20th century technology. New systems linked with WI-FI managed devices can be placed at locations throughout the home or property. In addition there are companies that manufacture home integrated security hardware components that can be embedded in lamps, picture frames, furniture or appliances.

A new generation of security systems is being developed that utilizes Wi-Fi, radar, ultrasound and infared. In addition to improved monitoring occupancy these systems can detect motion regardless of available light.

Increasingly AI (artifical intelligence) systems are being integrated into home or commercial secutiry designs. This allows the security system to prioritize alarms, dispatch proper emergency services, and differentiate real threats or false alarms. When AI is used as a component in a system that includes radar or infared, the frequency of false alarms is dramtically reduced. Stealth threats are also detected with greater accuracy.

Developing a comprehensive home security plan, and integrating it into new home construction, or remodel, can be a cost saving measure. And it can enable construction of a system customized to meet your needs.

This ensures that security system’s sensors, cameras, monitors and even control panels are seamlessly integrated to maximize efficiency. Additionally, the security system can be linked to other home systems to create a “smart home” with Z-Wave technologies.

Developing these systems as part of new home or building construction will allow for inclusion of components such as keyless locks and remote monitoring systems. It also curtails the cost of linking a multifaceted security system to the homes lighting which are components of smart home technologies.

If the new home is to have a whole audio system, the alarm components can be integrated during construction. This provides an added deterent to burglary or home invasion. Many burglars are opportunists that can be encouraged to avoid your property with motion sensor linked lights and audio.

Just as computerized systems have made it increasingly difficult for the shade tree mechanic to make auto repairs, the complexity of modern home security systems require professional installation. In Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City and the Colorado River Valley, Baron Services is your security specialists.

This team of professionals will create a system to meet any need, including new home integration. They also offer consultation as well as 24/7 monitoring services.

If you are ready to do more than trust home security to keeping the house under lock and key, call Baron Services today.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America