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It is a trusted partnership that ensures our customers have no worries with swimming pool installation or maintenance. As attested to by customer reviews, Baron Services has been providing quility service in Bullhead City, Arizona and the Colorado River Valley for decades. San Juan Pools is a pioneer in fiberglass pool construction.

Using construction techiniques derived from the manufacture of boat hulls San Juan Pools was established in 1958. These was the first full body swimminig pools built using the relatively new technology of fiberglass.

At the time fiberglass was a relatively new material. Aside from boat hulls it was also used in the manufacture of two historic milestone automobiles, the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette and the 1952 Kaiser Darrin.

San Juan Pools is still a small family owned business with a focus on the building of a quality product. It is still an industry leader on the forefront of utilizing technological advancements for manufacturing. And as a testimony to San Juan Pool durablity, some swimming pools installed in the 1950s are still in use!

Key to the longevity of San Juan Pools is construction. Each swimming pool is built with a minimum of five hand laid layers of fiberglass.

From its inception the company has learned lessons from the marine industry. That is why San Juan Pools is the only fiberglass pool builder that uses Epoxy type resins and then Vinyl Ester resin throughout the laminate process.

But quality materials have no value unless they are used by a craftsman. Most laminators at San Juan Pools have been with the company for twenty years of more. Management reflects that kind of stablity. Likewise with Baron Services.

In 1990, Mark and Cindy Stern, the original owners of Baron Pest Solutions began building their company on a foundation of providing full service pest control with an unequaled level of professionalism at affordable prices.

Over the years the company has diversified. Today Baron Services is the leading providor of pest control services, landscaping services from planning to installation and maintenance, home security, and swimming pool installation and maintenance in the Bullhead City area.

With swimming pool installation Baron Services is a one stop shop. Once you have the proper permits and arrangements made for utilities we prepare the site grade. Initial installation will be completed to APSP/ANSI codes.

By adding water we “lock in” the pool to ensure stablity and prevent future settling. Plumbing and electrical systems will be installed prior. This includes lighting as well as installation of the pump, filter, and heater. This is followed by setting forms and pouring concrete for the deck area.

And if choose a more custom design, we are also professionals with the building of gunite pools. Here to our team will do it all – site preperation, digging, deck pouring, tile work, installation of plumbing and electrical, and the crafting of stairs, shelves or benches.

If you are giving thought to transforming your home into a desert oasis, contact Baron Services. We are your trusted partners from start to finish, and for all pool maintenance needs.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America