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Imagine monitoring your home security system from anywhere in

the world with a glance at your smartphone. Welcome to the future of home security.

It may surprise you to learn that burglaries have actually declined in the Bullhead City area over the course of the past 18 years. Of course statistics loose their relevance and meaning if you happen to be the victim. There is also a simple matter of having peace of mind when you are away from home for business or on vacation. So, may I suggest a home security system? Even better, may I suggest a state of the art smart home security system?

What, you may ask is a smart system? Let’s answer that by first giving some insight as to how home security has changed in the past few years. Sturdy doors, and multiple locks on doors and windows were the first line of defense. If a a security service was hired, traditionally the home owner was left out of the loop once a system was selected and installed. The customer paid monthly fees for a system that was hardwired into your home, and a security or alarm company monitored the system. Some companies offered additional peace of mind by having the home physically monitored.The advent and wide adaptation of wireless technologies, smartphones, and home networks was a game changer. The modern smart systems have empowered the customer, working with a company such as Baron Services, to create a customized security network and maintain control of that system through their smartphone.

Often downplayed or overlooked in advertisements that tout the ease of installation for the do it yourself home owner are the risks inherent with wireless technologies. As a result a do it your self installation may actually be worse than having no security system at all. If a hacker gains access to the system they can determine when the house is empty, or, dependent on the scope of the overall system, seize control. Aside from potential hacks to the system, there are network configurations, device flaws, and the risk of password compromises to consider. None of these potential risks are to be taken lightly. Additional reasons for hiring a professional service for installation as well as maintenance is software updates, resolution of questions pertaining to encrypted and protected video, and implications associated with privacy issues.

Power outages present special problems for smart security systems. Here too, the best option is to address these during the planning and installation stage. These concerns are another reason for not cutting corners when it comes to protecting your home with a smart security system. And now, with smart technologies, it is possible to integrate a security system with fire protection, medical monitoring and other systems. Contact Baron Services today to discuss your homes security.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America