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It’s the stuff of nightmares. And it’s the fodder for countless cinematic science fiction dramas. Spiders, scorpions and ants in our homes make us shiver but when they are the size of cars they become epic bad dreams.

In Bullhead City, Arizona, Baron Services can keep the nightmares on the silver screen. After all, we are the Colorado River Valley’s premiere pest control company.

The Stuff of Nightmares

As scary of bugs may be, they pale in comparison to what once roamed the earth. The fossil record indicates that millions of years ago, when the oxygen levels in the atmosphere were much higher than today, insects, arachnids and their cousins were some of the most amazing and terrifying creatures that ever existed.

One of the most famous examples of giant prehistoric insects is the dragonfly-like Meganeura, which had a wingspan of up to 70 cm (28 inches). That’s bigger than a hawk!

These insects were the top predators of their time, feeding on other insects, amphibians, and even small reptiles. They had powerful jaws and sharp teeth, and it is estimated that they could fly at speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph). They also had excellent vision, thanks to their huge compound eyes that covered most of their head.

Another Nightmare

Another impressive insect was the millipede-like Arthropleura, which could grow up to 2.5 m (8 feet) long and 50 cm (20 inches) wide. That’s bigger than a crocodile! These creatures were herbivorous, feeding on plants and decaying matter.

Fossils indicate that they had a hard exoskeleton that protected them from predators. Chances are that like their modern counterparts they could secrete a foul-smelling liquid to deter attackers. They also had hundreds of legs that allowed them to move quickly and climb over obstacles.

Recently scientists just discovered the fossil of a true monster. The nearly nine-foot-long millipede is estimated to have weighed more then 100 pounds! According to a study published in the Journal of the Geological Society, this could be the “biggest bug that ever lived,” 

Truly Terrifying

Modern desert dwellers in western Arizona can count on Baron Services to keep scorpions at bay. These ancient creatures have been transformed into terrifying beasts thanks to Hollywood.

But the most terrifying scorpion on the big screen pales in comparison to the prehistoric Pulmonoscorpius. THese were truly the stuff of nightmares.

Fossils of these creatures have been found that are 70 cm (28 inches) in length. That’s bigger than a lobster! These animals were carnivorous, hunting for prey with their venomous stinger and pincers.

Scientists believe that were able to breathe air, but could also survive immersed in water. There is indication that they thrived in both dry and moist environments. These were truly the stuff of nightmares.


Today, we can only marvel at their fossils and imagine what it would be like to encounter them in real life. If you are curious about these prehistoric monsters, you can read about some scary ancient mosquitos in this article from Smithsonian.

And if you are having troube with modern versions of the scorpion, ants, spiders, bed bugs or roaches, give Baron Services a call.