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The days of securing a home with a simple lock and key is as outdated as the Edsel. Rapidly evolving technological advancements have made door bells with cameras and similar devices common place.

A survey by PC Mag in 2019 indicated that 34% of consumers now rely on smart home security devices to keep their homes safe. And estimates are that this increased by 20% in 2020.

However, the advantages of a smart home security system are lost when if it is too complicated to be useful. Even worse is a system that is incorrectly installed, that is not integrated, or that is ineffective. That is why the first step in installing a modern home security system is to contact the professionals at Baron Services.

A recent study noted that homeowners found that the rapid development of more intuitive security products was confusing. This security industry study also noted that, even though do it yourself installations have increased in popularity, homeowners worry over having an adequate system.

This is not surprising. An effective smart home and security solution needs to be fast and reliable. More importantly the system needs to be interconnected. And the system needs to be operated with a single app. Trying to create a system that requires the use of multiple apps is frustrating, tedious and ineffective.

With a professionally installed system it is possible to operate and integrate cameras, interior and exterior lights, locks, garage doors, and more. And with some of the new systems previously complex and complicated actions can be made with voice commands.

But a system does not need to be limited to just security. Systems are now available that integrate smart technology security systems with heating and cooling, lighting and even appliances. And there are even more daring technologies looming on the horizon.

It is quite conceivable that in the very near future simply speaking the words I am leaving will adjust the thermostat, arm the alarm system, set locks, and place lights on a timer. Then on the way home, using our phone, another voice command will adjust the thermometer. On arrival the garage door is opened, lights are turned on, and locks opened. Fully integrated smart home technology is a game changer when it comes to home security.

Just imagine a few short years ago if you told someone that you had cameras inside and outside of your home, and could check the views on a telephone in your pocket or on your wristwatch. Would they worry about your mental condition? A few years ago this was a dreamed about future. Now it is a reality. Now, imagine what the future of home security will look like in a few years.

With Baron Services you are assured of modern, up to date, worry free home security. And you are also assured that you will have the security system needed, nothing more and nothing less. Contact Baron Services today for an estimate.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America