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Inflation. The economy. CRIME. Numerous mid term election polls indicate that these are the three items of most concern to voters.

You have little to no control over the general economy. Aside from clipping coupons and curtailing discretionary spending, likewise with inflation.

Overall crime rates have been on a noticable uptick for at least three years. In 2021, there were 9,267 violent-crime incidents, and 11,085 offenses reported in Arizona. During the same period there were 63,814 property-crime incidents. But this is something that you have a modicum of control over.

Baron Services in Bullhead City, Arizona is a leading provider of monitored home security systems in western Arizona and the Colorado River Valley. Our company can take care of most all home and commercial security needs.

For a new build we can pre-wire the building for a modern, multi faceted security system. If it is your home we can also design and install a custom wiring system for telephone and internet as well surround sound. We can also assist with flat screen installation, data networking systems, and the supportive infrastructure for audio/visual presentation in a business.

Baron Services can also create a custom home automation system. In addition to giving you the power to control lights, heating or air conditioning systems, and landscape irrigation from your laptop or smart phone, this type of system can be integrated into a comprehensive home or business security network.

Many companies promote do it yourself home automationa and security systems. But the fact is that as with most aspects of life lived in the age of technology, home security systems have changed dramatically in the past decade. And so, a professional install is best for getting the most from an automated system without overspending.

Today nearly all security systems are wireless and are integrated with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and touch-screen panels. They also include motion and glass breakage sensors, which is another reason to have your system installed and maintained professionally.

A fully integrated system provides more than just peace of mind from burglary. A comprehensive system can also include smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. Now there are even heat sensors that provide a previously unavailable level of protection against fire. You can even add sensors for the prevention of frozen pipes, not a concern in the Colorado River Valley.  

Aside from peace of mind, there is an added reason to have Baron Services install, maintain, and monitor your security season. And it is a way for you to counter inflation that insidiously nibbles at your income.

Insurance companies know that monitored security systems reduce the odds of your home or business being burglarized. And these systems also provide a hedge of protection against water or fire damage. That means there is less chance that you will file a claim with your insurance company. And so on average a professionaly installed and monitored security system will reduce the cost of home owners insurance by twenty percent.

So, give Baron Services a call today. Start a new year with peace of mind, and a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Written by Jim Hinckley’s America.