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According to the calendar it is still winter. And many mornings still have a chill, or can even be considered cold. But soon warm days will outnumber cool ones, and then summer will be upon us. Now is is the time to prepare your swimming pool, and your backyard, for summer entertaining.

The Colorado River Valley is known for long summers and short winters. So, an early spring cleaning makes sense. It begins with rolling back the cover, and cleaning out debris from the roller shutter compartment if your pool is so equipped. Next is the removal of debris from the water and from the pool bottom.

Next is the filtration system. Baskets need to be cleaned. Filters need to be replaced and the housings cleaned as well as inspected. Then comes scrubbing and testing the system.

The waters pH value needs to be teasted often; spring, summer, fall and winter. Until this value is correct other tests such as chloring level will be inaccurate.

With the pH value set then it is time to check chlorine levels. Proper chlorine levels with preven algae and mold growth, and keep the water clean. A flocculant might also be added.

What is a flocculant, you may ask. Simply put it is a chemical compound that adheres to dirt particles and causes them to sink to the bottom. And that makes the job vacuuming even more efficient.

Spring is an ideal time to revive your landscaping. It is also an ideal time to enhance or improve it as well.

March is an ideal time in the Colorado River Valley for pruning any plants that have been damaged by frost. And it is also the optimum time for thinning fruit trees, cleaning debris, and weeding.

This is also an excellent time to evaluate or repair sprinkler, irrigation or drip systems. You might also want to consider transforming your yard with xeriscaping, a system to curtail water usage. This is another reason for calling the landscape and swimming pool specialists at Baron Services, the premier provider of swimming pool maintenance and installation, and landscape design service in the Bullhead City, Arizona area.

Xeriscaping is the practice of designing landscaping that is best suited for desert climates. It includes plant selection, irrigation or drip systems, and water retention features. As incredible as it may seem, some studies estimate that in the desert southwest a comprehensive xeriscape landscape plan can save one hundred gallons of water per day or more.

A proper xeriscape plan is more than just gravel, rocks, an cacti. It can include shade trees, grasses, flowers, and an array of other plants that thrive in extreme desert climates.

So, why wait? Spring is fast approaching, and summer is not far behind. Call the professionals at Baron Services today for all of your swimming pool and landscaping needs.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America