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It may still seem like summer along the Colorado River. But fall is fast approaching. Come October temperatures can change quickly. Will your swimming pool be ready for winter?

The first step is the cleaning of the pool. Of course this will be made easier if your are having the swimming pool serviced regularly by the professionals at Baron Services in Bullhead City, Arizona.

In any season it is important to balance pH, alkalinity, and other mineral levels. Chlorine levels also need to be balanced. Temperatures can affect the chemical balance. And when the pool is not in use it is important to maintain a proper balance to ensure that the growth of algae and other bacteria is minimized.

An Algaecide might also be added as winter temperatures along the Colorado River Valley seldom fall low enough to retard algae growth. This is another reason to contact Baron Services.

It is important to clean or replace filters on a regular basis. It is also important to clean lines. Doing this as part of the winterization process will make it easier to prepare the pool for use next spring.

This process is also an excellent time to check the pool pump, the heater and any exposed plumbing. Any leaks found can be repaired ensuring there are no unexpected issues during the winter. And, again, this will make spring preparation easier and faster, and as a result, less costly.

You would be surprised how much material is collected in skimmer baskets, even with regular service. These too should be emptied and cleaned. This is also another step in ensuring a stress free reboot come spring.

Pool filter service is another item that needs professional attention. Most modern residential pools have DE (diatomaceous earth) filters. Sand filters are also popular. The process for maintaining and prepping each filter for winter is different.

And if you don’t have a swimming pool, winter in western Arizona is an ideal time for installation. Here too Baron Services is your one stop shop. They are specialists in fiberglass and gunite pools.

Their professionals will begin by preparing the site by establishing a finish grade. This is followed by excavation. Then, if it is a fiberglass pool, comes plumbing and electrical installation, and pouring he concrete deck.

Gunite pools require more work. But with decades of experience Baron Services is up to the task. And gunite pools offer greater opportunity for customization.

Even though gunite is made of sand, water, and cement it is different than concrete. The application of gunite is done in layers using a specialized gun. This eliminates seams and adds to the materials durability. It also allows for application to curves or vertical sides.

After excavation the walls, floors, stairs and other features are crafted. Customization manifests in the tile selected by the customer and layout.

For service, maintenance, or installation, Baron Services in the Colorado River Valley is just one call away. Call them today for an estimate.