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Your backyard pool, kept in peak operating condition by the professionals from Baron Services, is an escape from desert heat during the months of summer. And when it is framed by masterfully crafted landscaping it becomes a veritable oasis where summer dreams are unleashed. For some, however, a swimming pool is much more than a place to while away a relaxing summer evening with friends.

As an example consider the Infinity Pool on the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park in Singapore that is one of the largest outdoor pools in the world. But what really sets this pool apart from all others is that is designed to present the illusion that the water extends to the horizon. That and the fact that the clear pool is suspended more than 650-feet above the street truly provides a one of a kind experience!

The hanging gardens and pools of Bali also present the swimmer with the illusion they are swimming toward the edge of a waterfall. However, instead of an urban skyline that stretches to the horizon, here the visitor is surround by lush jungle wilderness and stunning views of the gorge below. The pools and hotel are located near Ubud. Another thing that sets this resort apart is the jungle setting that allows for interaction with wildlife at the pools.

In Iceland a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike is the Blue Lagoon, a man-made geothermal spa complex set in a lava field near Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Its waters are used in the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power station. Surrounded by snow covered mountains most of the year, this pool of sky blue water is naturally filled with minerals that are claimed to have therapeutic properties for the skin.

In Germany summer swimmers beat the heat with the Badeschiff, meaning “bathing ship.” This one of a kind public swimming pool was built in the hull of an old river barge. Located in a harbor on the River Spree, which is too polluted to allow safe swimming, the pool is also a night club with multiple bars, live music, and in the months of winter, saunas.

And if you prefer a more natural setting for your summer swimming pleasure it is hard to beat the legendary Blue Hole along an old alignment of Route 66 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Surprisingly the circular bell shaped pool that is 81 feet deep and 60 feet in diameter is also a destination for scuba divers. As the name implies the water is shockingly blue, and its unusual clarity allows for viewing almost all the way to the bottom.

Your swimming pool may not be as exotic as the hanging pools and gardens of Bali but they are still the place of summer dreams. And if don’t have a swimming pool or a landscaped oasis, why not. The professionals at Baron Services specialize in transforming summer dreams into realities.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America