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Spring is here and this is an ideal time to begin planning for summer evenings spent on the patio with a cool drink at hand, entertaining in the garden, and simply enjoying your little corner of paradise. This is where the professionals at Baron Services come in. They are specialist in transforming, and maintaining, your yard.

Here in the desert southwest, and along the Colorado River, diversity of the landscape is what makes the area such an attraction. It is also a template for how to transform a yard into a secret garden that doesn’t require extensive maintenance and that is water frugal. A key is to know what works, and what doesn’t. As an example, towering saguaros that have come to symbolize the desert southwest through countless western epics on the big screen and even cartoons don’t do well as high desert elevations resultant of colder winters. The yard can be enhanced and given a unique character wit the addition of elements such as low masonry or adobe walls, gazebos, trellises, and hidden shaded courtyards. These serve as a backdrop to frame flower gardens or accentuate cacti or even uniquely gnarled desert trees such as mesquite or palo verde. Gravel pathways and stone or brick walkways are also elements to consider. And as desert evenings can be cool, sometimes even during the months of summer. fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can be a welcome addition that creates a focal point for socializing.

Water features have evolved. They are now more than simple ponds or waterfalls that aren’t exactly ideal for those looking to conserve water resultant of evaporation. Then there are the chemicals required to keep them free of algae and similar growths. As an example of alternative options consider recirculating fountains that are not as prone to loss through evaporation and when properly installed, they can be used to support some garden plants.  Linked with this are features that present an illusion or suggestion of water such as the use of stone to present the impression of a dry creek bed. These features can also be used to facilitate drainage after a rare desert rain or a monsoon gully washer.

And whats a southwest styled yard or garden without cacti? These plants have evolved to survive and even thrive in the extreme temperatures and dry conditions of the Colorado River Valley and the deserts. As a result they are ideal for gardens or yards where beauty a swell as water conservation are important. The various type of cacti are as diverse as the desert itself. Just consider the Mexican organ pipe cactus the golden barrel cactus that is native to our area and is found in the Black Mountains. Then, to round it out, consider the addition of artistic touches; metal sculptures, statuary or traditional symbols created in stone walkways, gates, walls, and fountains.

Need more ideas or a professional to transform your vision into a reality. Call Baron Services today.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America