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Spring showers bring May flowers, and weeds. This is an ideal time to spruce up the yard and perhaps, with the help of the professionals at Baron Services transform it into a showpiece. Imagine your yard as a desert oasis.

During a consultation Baron Services will often use a state of the art computer design program to assist in planning a yard that fulfills your vision. This is also an opportunity to discuss irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Desert landscaping is the easiest to maintain and most practical for properties in the Colorado River Valley. With proper selection of plants and construction of landscaping highlights you will be able to enjoy color as well as seasonal transitions. This too is a reason to select the professionals at Baron Services.

Often the first thought that comes to mind when discussing desert landscaping are cacti or succulents. Ease of care as well as the wide variety of species with diverse sizes and colors ensure cacti are often the focal point. As a bonus, if these drought-tolerant plants are planted with good drainage in sandy soil, they will thrive for years.

When choosing cacti or succulents, think outside the box to personalize your personal oasis. As an example, consider the ghost plant. In regard to care, this is one of the most durable plants available for our climate. It is also uniquely colorful as these plants can assume a variety of colors ranging from blue-gray to pinkish yellow. And during the ghost plant is adorned with bright yellow flowers.

Another unique plant to consider is living stones, or lithops, a native of southern Africa. These succulents appear to be colorful small stones or rocks. Upon first glance, they look just like small stones or pebbles. In their native habitat these plants thrive on as little as two inches of rain per year, ideal for planting in northwestern Arizona.

Agave is always a winner and there are numerous varieties. Native to the Chihuahuan desert of Mexico the Victoria agave is shaped like a rosette giving it the appearance of a giant artichoke. These plants are extremely drought-tolerant and require little water. As a bonus they have a life span up to fifteen years.

The Golden Barrel cactus is named for its large, bulbous shape. Variants of these cacti are found naturally throughout northwestern Arizona as well as in the deserts of California and Nevada. These cactus are ideally suited to serve as a center piece for a desert landscaping setting. In spring the crown of the barrel cactus is adorned with bright, colorful flowers that once pollinated close and develop into fruit.

The prickly pear cactus is native to the area and so it too is ideally suited for desert landscaping. A twist on the traditional version is the “bunny ear” prickly pear. To the casual observer the cactus appears to be spine free. However, on closer examination you will see that the fuzzy specks that are actually small clusters of tiny little spines.

If it is time for a bit of spring cleaning, or a full yard transformation, Baron Services is just a phone call away. And don’t forget that we also offer regular maintenance programs.

Written by Jim Hinckley’s America