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Here in western Arizona and in the Colorado River Valley we expect hot summers just as people in Duluth accept the fact that January will be cold and snowy. This year, however, has been one for the record books. And the forecast is for more of the same over the course of the next ten days or so. So, it would come as no surprise to learn that, aside from occasional bouts of wishful thinking, not much is being given to fall or winter. Still, now is the time to plan ahead. Now, is the time to consider pool and landscape needs in the months to come.

Let’s start with the pool and preparations to consider, and the services offered by the professionals at Baron Services. Autumn maintenance will ensure that your pool will not break the budget when cold season does arrive, and that next spring it will be easy to put it in usable order quickly. Simply put, planning ahead will help save you money and more importantly, will protect your pool from any damages.

First, a thorough pool cleaning. This is more than just taking out the floating leaves or the debris and clearing the debris that lodged in the basket of the pump and the skimmer basket. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned, the floor and walls of the pool have to be brushed. It needs to be vacuumed. If the pool is left unclean throughout the autumn it becomes susceptible to algae growth on warm days. If this is not addressed during the winter, this can become a serious and costly issue come spring as our winter days are often warmer than spring days in Wisconsin. you will end up with algae once summer comes in. Do not forget to too.

The filter should be given special attention. After all, this is the unit that is integral to keeping the swimming pool clean. That means is is always a primary focus when Baron Services performs pool maintenance. This includes the cleaning any oil deposits or grease that builds up resultant of sunscreen, body oils, and even from the equipment itself. Again, failure to do this during the fall cleaning can be costly as these oily deposits will harden in cooler weather. Also to be considered is the pH level of your swimming pool. Degradation of the levels happen faster in warm weather. Finally, the alkalinity level needs to be checked as this is important for the balancing of pH levels.

Then, if you no longer have plans of using the pool until next spring, Baron Services will recommend a covering. Not only will this ensure protection from falling leaves and debris, it will also prevent excessive evaporation.

It’s never to soon to begin planning for fall. Call Baron Services today.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America