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We wisely study, evaluate, and invest in mutual funds, stocks, cars, and precious minerals. We exercise, work to eat right and get annual physicals. All of these endeavors provide peace of mind.

There is another investment that we can make to ensure peace of mind. And that is in home security. Here in Bullhead City and the Colorado River Valley that investment begins with a call to the professionals at Baron Services.

Baron Services can completely automate your home. Imagine the peace of mind that comes being able to control and monitor your security as well as other systems from your laptop, smart phone or tablet.

If you are building a house, or planning to build a house, let Baron Services help you make it a place to call home. Their specialists can pre-wire a home for a security. And the construction phase is the perfect time to install everything needed for in wall speakers or surround sound, telephone, internet and satellite systems.

Baron’s are also specialists in the installation of systems for commercial application. For state of the art audio video presentations they can install everything needed for data networking.

And for home or office, they can install customized video surveillance systems, alarm systems, and monitoring systems. This assures worry free fire protection and security monitoring.

Modern security systems can provide additional services that were not even available a few short years ago. Today a multifaceted system can provide advance warning of weather events, provide flood warnings and even manage heating and cooling systems during periods of excessive temperature fluctuation.

There is also another monitoring systems to install that further ensures peace of mind. The risk of a medical emergency increases with age. But these type of emergencies can take place at any age, and with children in the home can be even more worrisome.

A medical alert system can be integrated with home security systems. Aside from the obvious benefits, these type of systems can provide a new found level of confidence about living independently as we age.

There has been a marked decrease in overall crime including burglary since the 1990s. Still, the latest statistic’s indicate that violent crime was up by about 3% in 2020 over the previous year. With Baron Services there are no worries, just peace of mind.

Illegal entry into the places we call home and burglary do far more than cost us possessions. They destroy our peace of mind in the one place where we should feel most secure. And if it is business that is the target we stand to loose far more than just peace of mind. Here is a point to ponder. According to the F.B.I. a burglary takes place every 26 seconds.

Don’t be a victim. Invest in home security. Call Baron Services today for a free estimate. And don’t forget, Baron’s are also specialists in yard care, landscaping and swimming pool construction as well as maintenance.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America