Pest Control?

When you hear the term "pest control" what comes to mind? Termites? Cockroaches? How about mold treatment, bed bugs, and pigeons? Today, a professional, well established company such as Baron Solutions, does more than merely spray for bugs. They provide an array of...

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Invest In Your Home

Here in northwest Arizona, where the grass doesn't grow and there is no snow to shovel, it is easy to cut the tumbleweeds, cover the yard with gravel and consider it good. There is another option and it is actually an investment in your home. As a bonus, you can still...

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FULL RELEASE PDF MOHAVE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH 700 W. BEALE ST,    P.O. BOX 7000, KINGMAN, ARIZONA 86402-7000    (928)753-0743   FAX (928)718-5547 Patty Mead, R.N. M.S. Health Director   For immediate release For more information contact: Sep 9, 2016 Patty...

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