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An infestation of bees or ants can pose a serious problem. Individual stings can be quite painfull. Multiple stings can be life threatening. And desert dwellers are well of the risks associated with scorpions, black widow spiders, and the brown recluse spiders, the most dangerous spider in the United States. But it could be worse.

In some sections of Australia, people have to cope with the Sydney funnel web spider. These spiders have a feasome reputation. Most of the stories told are based on legend and not fact, but they are feared for good reason.

The spiders venom has a neurotoxin component that attacks the human nervous system. Recommended first aid treatment is the same as that for the bite of a rattlesnake.

And then there is the innocuous sounding kissing bug. Common to Central, South and souther North America, the kissing bug carry carry Chagas Disease. Symptoms of an infection start with fever and swelling. But even more than ten years after exposure the infection can cause an enlarged esophagus or colon, and contribute to heart failure.

The Asian Giant Hornet is native to eastern Asia. But its range is spreading. These beasties can be as large as two inches in length. A stinger in excess of 1/4 inch in length is common. Their venom is known for being particularly potent and can be potentially fatal.

Native to South America, Central America and parts of Mexico the “assassin caterpillar,” is one of the deadliest insects found in the Americas. A minuscule two inches in length, they can be brown, gray, or green and are covered in spines.

These spines detach easily and release a potent venom when they penetrate human skin. This poison interrupts the blood’s ability to clot. And that can result in internal bleeding and hemorrhages in the brain. 

The Lone Star tick known for the the white, star-like splotch on its back can create some very unusal problems. Found primarily in the South East and Eastern states, this stick is very aggressive. A bite leading to infection can create an array of issues but the most intriguing is alpha-gal allergy. A person with this allergy will have a severe reaction to eating red meat!

And then there is the yellow sac spider. The particularly cringe inducing spider is one of the most aggressive in North America. They are known for biting without provocation.

They weave a sac-like webs and then roam about in search of prey instead of waitinig for it to be snared. Their bite causes a burning pain along with redness, swelling, and itching. On occasion the secondary symptoms include rash and blistering. They are commonly found in New England and the Midwest but their range is increasing.

Bugs, insects, and spiders are counted among the most dangerous and deadly creatures on the planet. But no infestation is a match for the professionals at Baron Services, the leading pest control company in Bullhead City and the Colorado River Valley.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America