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The desert life, especially for the uninitiated, can be a bit intimidating. First there is the scorching temperatures of summer. Then there is the awe inspiring power of monsoon storms. But, perhaps, the most unnerving thing about life in the desert are otherworldy looking pests such as scorpions, tarantulas and intimidating spiders.

But with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the pest control professionals at Baron Services are just a phone call away, there is no need to panic. Perspective is also helpful.

A scorpion seems far less terrifying when one considers that several hundred million years ago during the Paleozoic era there were cockroaches nearly as big as a house cat. Centipedes are a moderately dangerous insect that will often cause an involuntary shudder when discovered in a bathroom or on the patio.

Can you imagine encountering a millipede the size of an adult leg or a dragon fly with a two foot wingspan? Even worse, the recently discovered fossil of Arthropleura, a millipede type insect, that measured nearly nine feet in length.

And speaking of scorpions, be glad that the Jaekelopterus is extinct. This is the the largest known arthropod to have ever existed. With its large pincers and a tail that appears to have a stinger, it looks like its modern cousin. But fossils of eight foot monsters have been discovered.

Ants are a common household pest. There are a number of varieties. One, the Dinoponera at six inches in length, is the largest ant in the world. Still, even this giant pales in comparison to the long extinct Titanomyrma Lubei. First discovered in Wyoming’s Green River Formation fossil beds, this frightening creature was the size of a modern hummingbird.

Fleas have been the bane of man and pet for centuries. They are an irritant, and can spread disease. But they pale in comparison to a distant cousin, Pseudopulex. Fossilized specimens of these flea-like arthropod parasites have been discovered that were more than ten times larger than its modern counterpart. Its mouth was the size of a hypodermic needle!

Mice and rats are another creature that plague homeowners regardless of where they live. But these to are no problem as Baron Services is one of the oldest pest control companies in Bullhead City and the upper Colorado River Valley.

However, even Baron Services might be intimidated by Josephoartigasia Monesi. A skull discovered in Uruguay about a dozen years ago stunned scientists. Estimated to be about four million years old this may have been the largest rodent to have walked the earth. Evaluations based upon the skull and other bones determined that this beast was about the size of a bull and may have weighed a ton!

The pests you may encounter here in the desert southwest are no match for the professionals at Baron Services. And remember, no how big they seem, when viewed in context there is no need to panic.