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As with the way we drive, shop, and learn, home and business security systems have changed dramatically since the turn of the century. But looming on the horizon are even more sweeping changes.

Developments that link the cloud with AI (artificial intelligence) are rapidly transforming the definition of a smart home. As an example, some companies are currently developing systems that use NFC keys connected to our phones, facial recognition, and hands-free smart locks for nearly an impenetrable front line defense.

And there are already experiments underway on systems that transform our natural limitations into superpowers. Examples include long flight time drones with infrared capabilities that stream direct to home monitoring systems. Similar night vision technologies are being incorporated into door bell and security cameras.

Motion sensing cameras will also benefit from AI. They will be able to “learn to recognize” pets, family members, frequent guests, And electronic locks operated by dedicated AI systems will learn to adapt to schedules, accommodate regular deliveries, and even perform system diagnostics.

And if we dare to imagine the progression of development there is a degree of uncertainty and excitement about what the future may hold. Encryption. Biometric information on device bridges. Home security systems linked to all home functions including the monitoring of carbon monoxide, furnace and climate control functions, and evaluation of electric systems.

Integrated systems that use motion sensors were viewed as future technology just a few decades ago. Today they are a common feature. And now these systems are being enhanced with sensor based microphones linked to alarms and cameras. Radar with electromagnetic motion detection magnifies the capabilities of infrared and glass breakage detectors are also being integrated into smart home technologies.

Once relegated to the realm of imaginative films about legendary superspy James Bond, AI linked body heat detectors that can differentiate body heat and movement patterns between resident and intruder are in development. They can also tell the difference between animal and human, can be used indoors or outdoors, and will function in all types of weather or temperature range. These AI smart systems can develop predictive analytics that curtail false alarms.

This may be the future. But Baron Services in Bullhead City, Arizona, the home and business system experts, prides itself on providing its customers with the best available systems. So you are assured that regardless of changes and developments in home security systems, they will also be able to meet your needs.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America