Baron Pest Solutions and Adieux Termite and Pest Control have served the tri state for almost 50 years
combined. In 1990, the original owners of Baron Pest Solutions, Mark and Cindy Stern, traveled to the
area and fell in love with our Community. They quickly turned their small base of Customers into a
thriving pest, termite and weed control company by simply offering quality service at affordable prices.
Four years later, Dana and Dana Beadle, owners of Adieux Termite and Pest Control and the proud
parents of three daughters, came to this Community with several years of termite experience in
California. They were so successful at acquiring termite work by maintaining a high level of service and
participating in their Community, that they soon built a successful weed and pest business as well. One
thing in common with these two Companies has always been the desire to offer exemplary service while
maintaining family values and a strong bond to the Community.

In 2014, after 15 years of helping to run the family businesses, Matt and Tiffany Hanrahan (son and daughter in law of the Sterns), purchased both Baron Pest Solutions and Baron Landscape Solutions. The proud parents of two young sons, Matt and Tiffany promptly restructured the Companies by offering financial incentives to their Employees and building an even stronger civic bond to their Community. This caught the eye of the Beadles and a once uneven relationship between the two
Companies blossomed into a friendship.

Two short years later, with both Companies successfully growing and expanding their customer base, the Beadles and the Hanrahans have now decided to merge their Companies as equal partners under the Baron Pest Solutions name. In addition to the merger of pest control companies, Baron Landscape Solutions and Aqua Clear Water Services will be merging under the name Baron Landscape and Pool Solutions to provide unequaled landscape and pool services to the tri state area. Both families
understand that change can be good and that combining efforts will only help to offer the best quality
service to our Community. One thing that will not change, is their belief that Family values and ethical
usiness practices is what allowed them to be successful and what brought them to this great
opportunity together.