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Spring is here and summer temperatures are not far behind. This is the perfect time to call the professionals at Baron Services and transform your swimming pool into the perfect social distancing oasis. And if you don’t have a swimming pool, well, Baron Services can remedy that shortcoming as well.

As an example, we offer a weekly pool cleaning service that ensures a worry free season of use as well as winterizing when needed. This includes a chlorine and acid wash, pool draining as needed, testing of dissolved solids, and cleaning or replacement of filters. To ensure we maintain a standard of performance and provide customer satisfaction, our professionals provide before and after photos of service. We also offer pool maintenance services that include quarterly filter cleaning or replacement, testing to ensure proper chemical balance, and if needed, pool sand replacement. Annual pool drainage is needed to alleviate an accumulation of dissolved solids. This is a service we also offer.

We are also specialists in the repair or replacement of pool equipment. This includes pool vacuums, pumps, filters, and automatic cleaning systems. In addition we can provide parts such as new filters, DE and cartridge, at the most reasonable prices in town.

We are specialists in the installation of fiberglass as well as Gunite pools. For fiberglass pools we prepare the site including the installation of electrical and plumbing lines, establish the grade for decking and excavate. Then, as per ASPN/ANSI codes, we set the pool using a crane and lifting straps. The pool is then locked into place by back filling and adding water. Finally we install, hook up and test the pump, filter, heater and any water features as well as electrical lighting. Finally we pour the concrete for the decking.

For Gunite pools we offer a similar level of professionalism. As with the fiberglass pool we begin with establishment of a finish grade for the deck and then excavate. The floor, walls, benches and other custom features are crafted from Gunite. Then our specialist crew of masons will do the coping and tile as per the customized plan that you approved. This stage is followed by consultation on deck layout and then concrete is poured and finished. Lastly we install and test all equipment.

Wouldn’t your quarantine be more enjoyable with a swimming pool? How about adding a landscaped yard to enhance the sense that your yard is an oasis? That too is a specialty of Baron Services. From maintenance to complete landscaping needs including plant selection and planting, sprinkler system installation and maintenance. We have a professional team to meet all of your needs. Call Baron Services today for free estimates.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America.